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Hotels, Motels, and Apartment Complexes

Our niche in this market is the ability to finance hotels, motels and apartment complexes with commercial real estate loans that would otherwise have difficulty getting financed by the big banks and most commercial real estate lenders.  For both the hospitality industry and for apartment complexes, the bigger investors are looking for very profitable properties with minimum loan amounts of $3mm.  For the hospitality industry specifically, they are looking for branded hotels with a lot of exposure (ie: in a congested area near a major highway or interstate).  Although we have outlets for properties that meet these criteria, we really stand out for our ability to find financing for those properties that fall a little short of those standards.   

Smaller properties with loan amounts under $3mm, with smaller room/unit counts under about 50, are where we shine.  Loan amounts as low as $150k are available and down payments as low as 25% are available.

We also have the ability stretch the limits of what would normally be acceptable by utilizing programs that will allow for debt service coverage ratios as low as 75%, credit scores down into the 500’s, and even stated income to help ensure you receive the funding you need.

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