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Specialty Programs

There are a number of programs designed for very specific scenarios.  These are not very popular, just due to the tiny box the scenario has to fit into in order to qualify, however if you do fit into one of these boxes, one of these programs might be a fantastic opportunity for you.  Below is an overview of just a few of these programs.

FHA $100 Down Program

This program allows for a down payment of as little as $100 when utilizing a an FHA loan to purchase a HUD owned home.  Click here for more info on FHA mortgages.

Good Neighbor Next Door Program

Eligible law enforcement officers, K-12 teachers, firefighters, and EMT's can utilize this program to purchase HUD homes at a deep discount of 50% off the list price.  The homes eligible for this program are in revitalization areas and can be found online HERE.  You will have a "silent second" mortgage that covers the remaining 50% of the home, which will not require payments or accrue interest as long as you comply with their regulations and occupy the property as your sole residence for 3 years.  After the 3 year period has elapsed the silent second mortgage balance is forgiven and satisfied with no further obligation.  This is a great program although property listings are very limited and if more than one person bids on the same property, the winning bidder is selected by random lottery.

FHA and VA Streamline Refinances

The VA and FHA both have programs to refinance from a VA or FHA loan into another VA or FHA loan with a better rate or term with reduced documentation and no appraisal.  This is only available for rate & term refinances and not available for purchases or for cash-out refinances or debt consolidation refinances.

Chattel Loans

Chattel loans are loans specifically for manufactured homes in parks.  It is a home-only loan and technically not a mortgage, although most mortgage guidelines and regulations apply.  For more info on chattel loans, click here.

Rehab Loans

There are a few programs available that will allow you to purchase a home in need of repairs and finance the cost of those repairs with the new mortgage.  The most popular is FHA's 203(K) loan, however Fannie Mae has their version of the same thing called HomeStyle.  It's a lengthy process, with some professionals estimating the documentation steps involved to be about 10-20 times that of a typical mortgage transaction, but if you are willing to persevere through the process, it can be a rewarding endeavor.


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